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Concessions Opening Procedures

  • Fill and start black electric kettle…you will use this to add hot water to warmers, chili, cheese, and for hot chocolate.

  • Always use gloves when handling food

  • Wipe down all surfaces with Clorox wipes

  • Turn on hot dog rollers and set on high

  • Start Nacho cheese and chili in warmers by doing the following:

    • Fill warmer base units with hot water from the kettle (about ¼-⅓ full)

    • Plug in warmers and set on HIGH

    • Open cans of chili and cheese (check to see if any cans are in the fridge from thlast game and use those first), add them to each warmer and add hot kettle water to thin out the mix

    • When chili is hot, set warmer to MEDIUM and keep cheese on HIGH

  • Start coffee (NEVER unplug coffee maker)

    • Place filter and and fill with 10-12 tablespoons of coffee (kept in freezer)

    • Make sure a coffee pot is on the bottom burner, and use the other pot and fill with water and pour into the top of the machine

    • When it is cold outside, start another pot of coffee and place the already made one on the top while making sure that burner is on

  • Make sure start up money is correct and loaded into the cash box, and ipads and square are turned on and ready

  • Take Chocolate out of the fridge and place on the center table, unless it is a hot day because it will melt

  • Make sure chips and candy are stocked and set on center table with the chocolate

  • Start Popcorn

    • Turn on warmer and the kettle (both switches), open the packet of kernels and butter and pour all together into kettle. Close lid. Listen for pops. Once popcorn popping slows to 3-4 seconds btw pops, dump out kettle and TURN OFF KETTLE SWITCH. Leave warmer on. Pre-packaged popcorn bags for quick sale.

  • Start Hotdogs. For normal weekday games, only make 12 hotdogs and 6 links to start. To start, turn on rollers to high. When dogs look brown and puffy, they are done. Place in bun and wrap with foil and label hotdog or hot link, place in warmer. If ever there is a major rush or a busy game, you can heat the dogs in microwave to speed up the process. ***set out all condiments on the counter (ketchup,relish,mustard)

  • Make sure all drinks are stocked and cold

  • On very hot days, we will go through lots of water…so if you need to use the rolling coolers to ice down water you can

  • Make sure you have pickles wrapped in foil and jalapenos placed in small plastic containers and leave in drink fridge

  • Have chips and boats ready to make nachos and frito pie.. Do not premake

  • You can open concession as soon as you are ready, you don't have to wait for the game to start

  • Use electric kettle to heat water for hot chocolate. Add 2-3 tablespoons of mix/cup

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